At first glance, villagers didn’t have any knowledge about waste impact, throwing waste on the floor and covering it with some soil. Moreover, the only public bin were unaccessible for kid usage, too high with a heavy lid. Therefore, we decided to increase villagers awareness organising educative events for kids.

We firstly proposed educative and funny bins using local materials, made educative posters for the parents, and promoted the events giving to each family a personal flyer. In order to maintain the relationship and to be sure they will keep the flyer, we personalized it with some pictures of their kids. It was a great way to engage the parents in concrete actions that give to their kids a better future.

They were touched by the idea and some of them framed it!

The event begun, we firstly launched a competition: we invited kids to collect as much waste as they can on the floor. The one having more waste won candies.Of course, some of them cheat bringing their own home waste in order to win! Then, they queued in front of the bins and had to segregate well their waste, if they did it right, they would have won a candy.

It was a funny and interactive moment.

Afterwards, we placed the bins in the kids playground and in front of the school, two keyplaces in term of visibility and circulation. Now, kids and villagers can use the bins, making waste management a desirable experience and facilitating waste collecting later.

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